Amada FabriVISION 3Di

Eliminates Errors with In-Process Inspection

First Article Inspection
Variable Height Scanning
Visual Verification
Reverse Engineering

SPC and Quality Reporting

Within seconds of completing a scan, FabriVISION generates a detailed report from inspection file to your exact specifications. This automatically generated colour report, records data files of the scanned part and includes any variances from CAD data. SPC functions also includes any variances from the CAD data. SPC functions also include charting data in Histogram , Run Chart, and X Bar/Range Plot for specific analysis of part production processes over a specified period of time.

Reverse Engineering

The scanning process captures the complete profile of existing parts or templates at laser speed. Then, the data is stored in AP100 or as DXF files. The software also allows you to manipulate the scan data and part profile on-screen so that you can optimize the quality of the CAD model.