Amada EML3610NT Punch / Laser – with full automation

“The ultimate production tool”

The EML combination machine combines the fast hit rates and forming capabilities of the innovative EM punch press with the shape cutting flexibility of a laser system. This provides unrivalled productivity of complex sheet metal components and/or small batch sizes.

Our automation for this machine includes a SheetCat 3015 this can handle sheets upto 3 meters x 1.5 meters and can load / unload where parts have to be kept tagged in. We also have a PR 300P Part Picker this will remove parts from the machine and stack parts onto 9 seperate euro pallets, this avoids any scratching when de-tagging the parts.

Standard Features

  • 4KW Laser
  • 45 Station “Z” style turret
  • Tapping Station

EML 3610NT 4Kw Laser / Punch Combination Machine
SheetCat 3015 Load/Unload Device
PR3 300P + Part Picker
Togu Tool Grinder