Metal Spinning

We provide both automatic and manual metal spinning solutions to customers depending upon quantities, complexities and customer requirements.


In this chipless production process a round metal preform is rotated. Forming rollers, placed on the rotating metal piece, exert compressive forces and finally lead to material flow in the metal. Thereby any kind of hollows with complicated or complex geometry with the narrowest tolerances and highest surface quality can be produced. The advantage of spinning technology is obvious: the process provides material hardening with enormous savings on material and weight.

Automatic Metal Spinning

We use Leifeld Metal Spinning machines, these we feel are the best in the market, with their patented playback feature, and quick set up times once a job is set the machine replicates the part time after time.

  • Leifeld PNC350
  • Leifeld PNC50

Manual Metal Spinning

Manual metal spinning’s main advantage is for small batch quantities, complex shapes and low tooling costs.

  • 5 x Taylor 10” spinning lathe
  • 4 x Taylor 12” spinning lathe
  • 1 x Taylor 16” spinning lathe

We also have an extensive apprenticeship scheme working for young metal spinners, with 3 full time spinners under 25 we are safe guarding the future of this highly skilled trade.