Amada HD Series Press Brakes

“The ultimate production tool”

We use Amada’s HD series press brakes, these use the patented “Hybrid Drive” and “Automatic Reactive Beam” systems.

The “Hybrid Drive” drastically reduces power consumption whilst the “Automatic Reactive Beam” guarantees the best possible folding quality over the whole beam length. The machine controller automatically calculates the settings for the system, depending on the material thickness, length and position of the work piece on the press beam.

Standard features:

  • Hybrid Drive- Electric servo driven hydraulics
  • BendNavi control software
  • AMNC 3D touch screen control
  • S-Grip tool clamps
  • 7 CNC controlled axis

HD1030 — 100 tonne x 3 meter beam length
HD5020 — 50 tonne x 2 meter beam length
HFE1030 3i – 100 tonne x 3 meter beam length